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Empirically Good

In addition to our commitment to giving 1% of our annual sales revenue (not profit) to environmental causes through our membership to 1% for the Planet, as well as giving annually to The Conservation Alliance, through the sales of select patches, we will contribute $1 per patch to the designated non-profit partner. Currently, the non-profit organizations you’re helping support through purchasing PIRIC patches are:

The Monterey Bay Aquarium: Located in Monterey, California, the Monterey Bay Aquarium exists to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders and to conduct research and provide funding for critical issues surrounding the health of our oceans. From tackling the dire situation of plastics pollution in our oceans to the impacts of climate change on our ocean ecosystems, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a bright light of hope heading into an uncertain future. 

The Rocky Mountain Institute: focused on mitigating the human induced impacts of climate change, the Rocky Mountain Institute offers unparalleled market driven solutions through research and cross-collaboration with government, business, NGOs, and local communities. It’s main work is around energy production and usage - basically working to redesign the way we generate electricity, the way we build, the way we transport goods, and way we make stuff - all in an effort to create a carbon-free future for all. We’ve been long time fans of RMI, having given to them personally for many, many years, and so we’re super excited to grow our giving.

American Bird Conservancy: you’ve heard the phrase “the canary in the coal mine”? It references the days when miners would bring caged birds into the mines as an indicator of the toxicity looming - when the bird became unresponsive, it was time to get out. This phrase is often used in the environmental world when talking about species extinction and other indicators that our planet is in crisis. Though the American Bird Conservancy isn’t necessarily focused on saving canaries per se, it is focused on protecting birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. It wasn’t until slow traveling across the United States that we developed a true appreciation for birds and goodness gracious, when you see a Bald Eagle or a Great Blue Heron in the wild, the awe it inspires about the majesty of our planet is just pure magic.

Animal Aware: based in the highlands of Guatemala, Animal Aware is a no-kill animal shelter that houses an extraordinary amount of domestic animals waiting to be adopted into loving homes. We chose this organization because we’ve seen the stray animal problem in Guatemala first hand and have been really impressed by how effectively Animal Aware is run. Through public education and outreach, along with a broad spay/neuter program, Animal Aware has greatly reduced the street animal population in Guatemala over the past 25 years.

We will continue to add to this list as we add more patches into our line and couldn't be more excited to be giving to these organizations who are the boots on the ground, working hard every day to ensure our collective well-being.