experience life, together

Born somewhere between China, Vermont, and California, PIRIC products are inspired by the nomad within each of us: the one that wants to experience everything and design a life that fits.

Founded by a husband-wife duo who have been schlepping their three kids around the world for the past 13 years, we are endlessly inspired by a new wave of folks who have chosen to take life into their own hands, designing the life they want to live. It’s not inherently about travel and adventure, it’s about living life on your own terms.  It’s about being curious and seeking out the things that fill you up.  It’s about experiences. PIRIC seeks to seamlessly fit into modern nomad family life, whether your adventures take you near or far.

lifestyle design

Through dozens of international flights, the growing pains of 3 young kids, and a life that has resembled a windy country road, PIRIC has germinated from a seed and grown into a sproutling. Through our journey, one thing has rung true year in and year out: we value experiences more than things, memories over stuff, and we do everything we can to design a life that supports this core value.

doing good

For us, a critical piece of learning through experience is understanding how we fit into the larger picture - how our consumer choices affect the environment, how our kindness can be like a ripple in the sea, and ultimately, how our shared humanity should be at the center of everything we do. Our planet is one big puzzle, each piece filling its unique place, and we are part of that extraordinary system.


We hope to support you in designing a life that fits and to find adventure in your everyday. To learn and grow and do and eventually, to become. Please join us in walking this non-linear, full of stumbles path - experiences are always better with friends.


As a resource consuming business, we recognize that everything is connected and unless we are thoughtful about our impact on the planet and its people, it's hard to justify any of it. That’s why our products and packaging are made almost exclusively of recycled materials (progress before perfection), why we aim to reduce waste at every stage of the product life cycle and are thoughtful about every aspect of our fulfillment process. That’s also why we support non-profit partners around the world, doing the work to help ensure our collective well being. That’s also, also why we want to engage the next generation of stewards and help them step into their power.