have fun and do good

Our mission is to provide families with multi-functional, better for the earth products that help elevate their experiences.

Our values

Our values are what drive us, both personally and as a company. They are our why and our how.

earth stewardship

We're only as healthy as the land that sustains us, so we're doing our part to make sure our grandchildren have the same wild places to roam, fertile soil to grow food, and clean air to breathe.

Prioritize Experiences

Life is short and the world is big. We want to experience as much as we can and we want to prioritize having fun, most especially together as a family.

Live with Intention

Slowing down, savoring the small things, and reassessing our priorities regularly keeps us grounded and living in the moment.

Be Human

We believe that our shared humanity should be at the very center of everything we do. This means exercising extreme empathy, for loved ones and for strangers, always.

raise little stewards

Born environmentalists, our children are the earth stewards of tomorrow. We want to help them step into their power.