we're a work in progress

Sustainability is baked into our DNA. It’s also a buzzword that has been gaslighted over the last few decades in the name of "corporate responsibility". This gaslighting has ignited a generation of young people to shine a bright light on these inauthentic attempts to be perceived as “green”. New cultural norms have forced companies to really examine their behaviors and come clean about their supply chains.

Under a magnifying glass (even of your own making), it's easy to feel paralyzed by imperfection/perfection. We let it stop us for a very long time. But you’ve heard the saying “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”? We'll never get anywhere if we don't start somewhere. So here we are, starting, doing everything we can to move forward in a way that honors our values and that builds a culture of continuous improvement.

Using better for the earth materials, designing for less waste, and considering every aspect of our shipping process are a few of our focuses as we get started.
better materials

Our products are made out of post-consumer recycled textiles, inside and out. Using REPREVE certified fibers, our mill partner weaves and dyes exactly what we need and nothing more.

Design efficiency

Designing for materials optimization not only makes good financial sense, it makes good environmental sense too. We think through how every yard of fabric is going to be utilized and make sure every last scrap of it is.

Cut out plastic

Using glassine bags (vs. traditional poly bags), kraft labels, paper tape, and paper mailers, we've eliminated plastic from our shipping and fulfillment process. Plus all of our packaging is made from post-consumer material & curbside recyclable.


Our most immediate goals are: sourcing all of our hardware, trims & patches out of recycled materials, and drilling down into our supply chain to ensure the highest environmental + social standards are being met.
Continuous Improvement
suggestions & Feedback

Do you know of recent material innovations or do you have any zero waste tips for us? We're all ears. Send us a note below.