Cuddly Critters Patch Set
Cuddly Critters Patch Set
Cuddly Critters Patch Set
Cuddly Critters Patch Set


Cuddly Critters Patch Set

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If you have a child in your life that dreams of being Coyote Peterson, this is the patch set for you. It's certainly open to interpretation, and we may not be in agreement, but our little explorers are firm believers that snakes, rhinoceros beatles, and cacti are in fact cuddly critters.

More importantly, did you know that saguaro cacti can live for over 200 years?! They don't even begin producing blooms until they are well into their 30s and when they do bloom, their flowers only live for 24 hours - just long enough to attract nearby pollinators.

Stick one on your Atlas 16 Backpack, Gather Satchel, or Cartographer Pouch and add some bling to your bag.

    • 2" by 2"
    • Velcro hook back
    • 100% embroidered with satin stitch backing

    All of our products are shipped via USPS using fully recycled packaging.

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